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True independent games, made by and for fun..
-Reflex Action Duel-

Independent studio for the creation of video games.
What do we do
JaGuMi is an independent study, currently the entire project is carried out by two people (father and son), with the help of free material in some cases and sporadic collaborations, which I hope will improve more and more.
Project JaGuMi
The main idea of JaGuMi is to completely redo and improve old projects from a long time ago, I started with Reflex Action Duel, since it is one of the simplest to carry out. If all goes well in the future, I even hope to make projects that once had to be abandoned because of not having the necessary resources, since nowadays it is easier to create games with the current resources of the market.
Who, how, why?
My name is Javier Gutiérrez Miranda, I am a photographer by profession, for my photography studio I have created quite a few applications since programming is something I always like.
As for how, I currently use AGK "AppGameKit Studio" as the programming system, as it is what makes me feel most comfortable being someone from the old school.
And finally, because I like it. In my free time I dedicate myself to programming or playing video games, I have always liked doing them in addition to playing them, of course, I do not aspire to make a "the witcher 3", a "Sekiro" or a "Fallout" ", but I hope to create something funny.
You can contact me!
For any question.  >>HERE !<<
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